Vein Removal

Are you one of millions who suffer from embarrassing spider veins, red spots or redness on your cheeks and nose? Well, there is finally an effective, dependable treatment for your condition—Vein Gogh. Telangiectasia is a very common problem that develops from a range of factors, including age, hereditary, lifestyle and diet. These unsightly blemishes can appear on several visible areas including cheeks, chin and nose. Vein Gogh is the newest technology available for treating these benign vascular abnormalities. Vein Gogh A superior solution for the treatment of fine telangiectasia, spider veins, small angiomas and skin tags .

10 mins €65
Fast, immediate results
Consistent, repeatable results, with little or no discomfort
Treat a wide range of fine vessels, vascular abnormalities and skin tags
Treats any skin type